Have fun losing weight and getting healthy!

"The American Heart Association classifies skating as a vigorous-intensity aerobic activity and the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports recognizes skating as one of the best overall aerobic exercises involving all muscles, including the heart."

Simply put, WE CARE. We care about the community, the children, and the families of our county. We regularly hold Freedom Nights, which is a free event that includes a night of free skating, food (when available), and a special guest speaker. We also donate canned foods to the community and take donations all year long.

We promise to always be an alcohol and tobacco free organization for your peace of mind.


Skating is a fun and mentally uplifting sport that also happens to be great for the body. Please feel free to take a look at the following links if you're interested in getting FIT!

We are a local non-profit organization hoping to reach and make a positive impact for the families and youth of Ashe and surrounding counties in the High Country.

  • To uphold a clean and safe 

  • To provide wholesome entertainment for everyone.
  • To encourage family unity and bonds while emphasizing Christian values.



Mission + Vision

Skating Rink